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Birthdate:Nov 24
((about the muse))

I am Dr. Bonnie Barstow, Bonnie if you prefer. My father was a private pilot for Wilton Knight. I work for the Foundation for Law and Government. I like to tinker with technology and fix cars; especially K.I.T.T. I dedicate my time and energy to protecting K.I.T.T. and his very attractive and slightly irritating driver- Michael Knight. I helped develop and enhance the plans for Knight Industries Two-Thousand. I'm credited for developing Kitt's voice and many of KITT's functions. I've designed the F.L.A.G.'s mobile unit or the semi, which is essentially, my mobile garage. I sometimes drive the semi when no one else is around.

I've attended MIT For Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Stanford University in California for Computer Science, and San Francisco University for Criminal Justice and further research and analytics-pertaining to the subject of computer and Mechatronics.

Name: Bonnie Barstow
Nicknames: Bons, Bonn, Miss Barstow.
Age: 28-early thirties
Date of birth: November 24.
Birth stone: Topaz
Hair color: Brown/ Brunette
Eyes: Blue-green/ aquamarine/ turquoise (it changes at times)
Height:5''5 without heels
weight: Don't ask.... because I won't tell.
Body type: Thin/ Model like build.

Bonnie is a work driven mechanic and technician. She is pretty good in social situations but she does tend to prefer the world inside of the Foundation Semi (the mobile unit) or the Headquarters. Bonnie is sometimes pretty sassy.

((Mun)) I'm a writing addict and a criminal justice major and though I am over the age of 18, I prefer not to write smut.

Interests (20):

booker pi, christian, devon miles, devon miles., drawing, kitt, knight rider the original, michael knight, mun: adam 12, muse: michael knight, narnia, reading, research, science, technology, the eyre affair: thursday next, the foundation, the narnia series, the shadow children series, writing
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